It was following the abandonment by a municipality in northern Spain of its calls for a boycott of Israel that a judge overturned a similar provision made by another municipality in the south of the country.

ACOM, a pro-Israel group, had lodged a complaint against a resolution adopted in 2016 by the municipality of Cocentaina. This legal action led the first court of Alicante to reject the text that attacked the economic interests of Israel. This announcement comes two days after the municipality of Montcada i Reixac, located near Barcelona, ​​has abandoned its own resolution dating from December. It acted as a subscription to the BDS movement.

In the last two years, pro-Israel activists have obtained dozens of judgments breaking the pro-BDS provisions in Spain, including through the Supreme Court. Legal opinions and injunctions against the BDS have multiplied in Spain where the authorities considered that this political movement was discriminatory. France, for its part, has put the BDS out of the law. The United Kingdom is also considering making similar legal provisions.

About 50 Spanish municipalities have adopted resolutions recognizing BDS in recent years, making Spain the country most affected by the phenomenon in Europe. But seven of them had to give up their support at the threat of legal action by ACOM and fourteen others gave up their support following court decisions. Two municipalities have suspended their pro-BDS provisions pending their judgment.


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