An Israeli soldier on the occupied heights of the Syrian Golan. © AP

Barely a few hours after the arrival of the French Foreign Minister in Iran, one of the senior officials of the Israeli Foreign Ministry threatened Iran with military action in Syria. But this threat, far from impressing, conceals the admission of Israeli impotence.

Speaking to reporters, Israel’s deputy foreign minister, Alexander Ben-Zvi, claimed that his country was not seeking “an escalation with Iran in Syria”, but would not hesitate no longer to strike the “Iranian forces”.


The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, the so-called Alexander Ben-Zvi. © JForum

Ben-Zvi, who addressed journalists, hoped, however, that such a confrontation “would not happen. But if Iranian “proxies” attack Israel, then Israel will have no choice but to resort to reprisals. ”

For political analysts, the warmongering displayed in recent weeks by the “Netanyahu band” tends to lose its intensity in the absence of Russian or American support that is slow in coming.

Later in his remarks, the Israeli diplomat hardly expressed his regime’s fear of a military confrontation with Iran: “Israel has no interest in a war being waged. place in Syria directly involving him. Israel does not covet Syrian territory and even has an interest in peace being restored (the diplomat may have forgotten the Israeli support publicly displayed a few days ago to seven takfirist terrorist groups operating in southern Syria.”

And Ben-Zvi added: “By the way until 2014, the most total calm reigned over the Syrian-Israeli borders. Israel wants a return to this status. There was no Syrian-Israeli peace treaty at the time, but calm prevailed there. ”

Is Tel-Aviv about to send a message to Assad?

For commentators, these remarks are an admission of failure: Israel, which has done everything to set Syria on fire by Daesh and other terrorists interposed, is now to regret the situation before the war of 2011. These commentators add, however, that it is already too late and in Syria there is now a very clear requirement for a return of Syrian sovereignty over the areas occupied by Israel.


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