A copy of the modernized F-15SA, manufactured by the American manufacturer Boeing. © Express.mu

On the threshold of the fourth anniversary of the Saudi aggression against Yemen, strategically sterile aggression since even the pro-Hadi-controlled south is in danger of escaping from Riyadh, analyzes are multiplying on the strategic defeat of the aggressor: Riyadh has failed to hunt Ansarallah of Sanaa and bring back the puppet president, Hadi to power.

He lost hundreds of soldiers, his prestige as “godfather” of the Arab peoples and especially allowed the Yemenis to acquire “unsuspected defensive capabilities” to know ballistic capabilities. It is too heavy as a setback when we know that Riyadh was barely “three weeks” to finish with Ansarallah in northern Yemen.

Hossein Amir-Abdollahiyan. © Tasnim

And despite all these signs of failure, the Arabia of Ben Salman persists and signs: it sinks into the strategic mistake of wanting to reduce to nothing its neighbor with whom it shares long borders and a long history under pretext for the links that would unite Ansarallah with Iran. For lack of argument insofar as in religious terms, the Yemeni Zaydis are even closer to Sunnis than Twelver Shiites. Some voices, less and less audible in Saudi Arabia, question Ben Salman’s policy of buying US support through huge arms contracts signed with Washington, Paris and London.

The Iranian diplomat and adviser to the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Hossein Amir-Abdollahiyan, talks about the war in an interview with the Iranian Mashreghnews website:

“But does the West really support Riyadh in Yemen? Or in other words, is the supposed Western military support to Ben Salman in his war against Yemeni civilians not a trap? ”

Americans say they “logistically” support Riyadh in its airstrikes against Yemeni cities. Which means that combat planes that drop from morning to night thousands of bombs on Yemeni civilians are US-made. But these formidable weapons are far from being “strategically” effective because:

First, US planes sold in Riyadh never accomplish a mission with simplicity. Before leaving the Yemeni sky, their fuel tank is quickly exhausted. However, these planes consume a type of ultra-purified gasoline that the Americans refused to provide to their Saudi customer. And secondly: before taking off, the US planes sold in Riyadh will have to be preceded by the drones. These drones have for mission to identify the geographic coordinates to be bombed. But, this particular type of drone was also not delivered by the Americans to Riyadh.

In this sense the logistical support provided by the Americans to Riyadh is completely “failing”. Americans repeat it all the time: Saudi Arabia is a cash cow that must be milked before beheading. “


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