Clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli forces at the main entrance to the West Bank city of Bethlehem on July 21, 2017. © AFP

In an editorial, the Emirati daily “Al-Khaleej” reveals the true nature of the Tel-Aviv regime, which provoked the ire of some Israelis.

Devoting an entire article to the crimes perpetrated by the Israeli regime, Al-Khaleej’s editorialist focuses on the content of Zionist ideology based on racism, expressing itself through aggressive colonialism, specific apartheid and racism characterized.

“Clearly, this regime that gives the Jewish people the status of God’s chosen people over others on earth should never be allowed to recognize the right of the Palestinian people to exist, as this recognition is to be at the expense of one’s own harmful existence, “notes the paper.

Insisting that nothing can camouflage and defend the barbaric crimes perpetrated by Israel against the innocent Palestinian people, the Emirati newspaper castigates the American-Western support for the regime of Tel Aviv which pushes it to continue its aggression , his hate crimes and his violations of international law.

The paper also mentions a barbaric attack by the Israeli military against peaceful demonstrations by Palestinians in the West Bank, including the attack on the village of Balein in western Ramallah last Friday, and the complicit silence of Western leaders over the crime.

These barbaric acts even provoked protests from the Israelis themselves.

Today, many Israeli students are against compulsory military service in the military.

After these incidents, about 100 Israeli students signed an open letter to condemn the abuses against the Palestinians and to say no to compulsory military service in an army that has a reputation as a criminal and an aggressor.

All of these students have been arrested and face jail time, according to the newspaper.


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