Bahraini authorities

In a statement on Sunday, the al-Khalifa interior ministry claimed that the detainees were planning “to prepare and carry out terrorist acts, between an explosive device carrier and a field operator, as well as a number of them being responsible for manufacturing, transporting and storing explosive materials.”
This is not the first time that the Bahraini Al-Daheshi regime, supported by the Saudi occupation forces, has accused such groups of dissidents, activists and defenseless demonstrators, in order to liquidate them and intimidate citizens to continue to demand democracy within the popular movement that has been suppressed by Manama since 2011.
Manama claimed that those behind the arrest were the cleric Aqil al-Sari, the cleric Mr. Morteza al-Sindi and the young Qassem al-Mumin, who are outside the country. Claiming that it was able to control weapons and explosive materials.
In this context, activists and human rights activists questioned the fabricated confessions made by Bahrain’s Interior Ministry in Bahrain by the defendants in an alleged “terrorist cell” announced by the ministry on Saturday, and pointed out that the accused were subjected to enforced disappearance, ill-treatment and massive torture.
The alien entity continues its military siege on the house of the national and religious symbol of Bahrain, Sheikh Issa Qassem, in the town of Diraz for more than 286 days at a time when the people of the town suffer from a series of systematic persecution and revenge.
Military vehicles were seen surrounding the house of Sheikh Issa Qassem and are on a regular alert, in conjunction with the concentration of armored vehicles around his house and at the entrances of the main town.


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