The head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee of Yemen, Mohamed Ali al-Houthi

He said in a speech during the graduation ceremony of a military batch in the fifth military zone in Hodeidah on Sunday that the former UN envoy to Yemen is still lying and trying to show himself in a neutral way, which has never been condemned to any of the thousands of massacres Which was committed by the countries of the alliance of aggression on Yemen, but remained until the last moment of his mission stands by the aggression, and could not tell the truth.
“We have advised you to remain neutral, but you have written about your experience in Yemen with failure, and you are failing until the soul is cut off, and whoever sent you is a failure, and your approach will continue to fail until the hour,” he said.
Stressing that the people of Yemen refused at the time to make concessions requested by the son of Sheikh to hand over Hodeidah and Sanaa or any of the provinces, because that means delivery to the militias linked to al Qaeda and American terrorism, adding that this is the fact that the terrorists and Americans stood together and mixed their blood here in Tihama in full view Of the whole world.


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