The statement said that the latest operations resulted in the targeting of 6 targets of terrorist elements and the destruction of two car bombs, the elimination of 10 elements of high-risk armed Takfir El Arish, and the seizure of 6 automatic rifles and quantities of ammunition.
The statement added that “245 suspected elements were arrested and the release of another number, and the destruction of 145 shelters, wokers, a storehouse and a number of trenches equipped with engineering.”
According to the Egyptian armed forces, “a fuel point and an underground store were discovered and destroyed, 12 cars and 28 motorcycles were destroyed without metal plates, and a workshop for the manufacture of improvised explosive devices and 39 improvised explosive devices was discovered and destroyed.”
The Egyptian army said that clashes also resulted in the deaths of two officers and two soldiers and wounding an officer and three soldiers, confirming the discovery and destruction of 11 vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition while trying to penetrate the western border.
The operation comes days before the expiration of a three-month deadline set by Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi on November 29 last, to restore stability to Sinai.
On Friday, February 9, the Egyptian army launched a “comprehensive Sinai 2018” operation to counter terrorism. It was targeted by air, sea, land and police intervention to confront armed elements in northern and central Sinai and other areas in the Egyptian Delta and the desert dusk west of the Nile Valley.


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