Saudi security services arrest a number of Saudi figures. (Photo archive)

The Jordanian website Ammoun, which is close to the Amman government, revealed that Saudi officials had arrested the recently dismissed chief of police in Riyadh and a number of other officers.

In the process, General Abdulaziz al-Zamami, chief of police in Riyadh and police chiefs of Olaya and al-Moazer districts were arrested by Saudi officials.

“It is likely that these Saudi high-ranking officers will be arrested for their involvement in cases related to financial corruption and abuse of power,” the Jordan website continues.

Similarly, the speaker of al-Nakheel mosque in the city of Yanbu on the Red Sea was shot down from the minbar before being arrested by Saudi security forces for criticizing the decisions of the government. The “reforms” of Ben Salmane begins to cost him dear, underlines the newspaper.

Last November, hundreds of influential figures including princes, military officers and Saudi businessmen were arrested and detained in a Riyadh hotel on the pretext of fighting corruption.

Riyadh was in fact seeking to confiscate the assets of princes detained for, inter alia, financing huge arms contracts signed with the Americans.

Many analysts believe that Mohammed bin Salman’s main goal is to strengthen his position and suppress any opposition within the royal family.

Since coming to power as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has arrested several seminarians, academics, journalists and civic activists for criticizing his policies.


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