Russian President Vladimir Putin in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, February 28. © Sputnik

Russia has canceled “strategic” talks in March with the United States after a US delegation’s last-minute withdrawal from a meeting on cybersecurity, the Russian ambassador told Washington yesterday.

Russian ambassador Anatoly Antonov, quoted by the Tass news agency, described the withdrawal of the US delegation from these talks, at the end of February in Geneva, as an “unfriendly decision” which “gives the impression of having been planned for advance and which leads to further deterioration in the relations between the two countries. As a result, Russia considers it “impossible” to take part in the meeting scheduled for 6 and 7 March in Vienna to discuss the difficulties of Russian-US relations and other strategic issues.

The decision comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s annual speech to the Federal Assembly, in which he said that Russia is creating new weapons systems to respond to the deployment of US missile defense systems. “These are Russian state-of-the-art strategic weapon systems, which we create in response to the unilateral exit of the US from the ABM Treaty and the practical deployment of this system both within the United States and abroad. beyond their national borders, “he said.

The Russian leader also pointed out that Russia has been conducting “intense work” in recent years aimed at the development of strategic weapons of the last generation, adding that more than 300 new models of military equipment have joined the Russian army since 2012. “I would like to stress once again that Russia has not violated a single arms control and non-proliferation agreement in the development of its nuclear potential,” Anatoly Antonov said on Facebook.

“It seems that the US Department does not control the case very well,” he said ironically, noting that none of the weapons mentioned by Vladimir Putin on Thursday is affected by existing treaties between the United States and the successor country of the Soviet Union.


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