Major General Muhammad Ali Jafari

According to the Fars news agency, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari said: “The interest in the teachings of the Koran has led to more successes of the Islamic revolution in the region and the world. He pointed out that the propaganda and media machinery of the enemy has not been able to prevent the successes of the Islamic revolution. He said that the media machine of the enemies is making extensive attempts to counter the revolution and underestimate its gains. However, the successes and gains achieved by the revolution in various fields, including foreign policy and the performance of the Islamic Republic In the area, can not be opaque. He pointed out that we are witnessing the divine victory in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. He added: “The overthrow of the Zionist fighter, which took place for the first time, is a model for this divine victory .. And with the help of Allah, all those who are now struggling and supporting the religion of Allah will arrive in Jerusalem one day. The commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guards praised the achievements of the resistance front and said that these achievements are the result of popular mobilization.


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