UN Security Council

The United States made the request a week ago in a move that it said “aims to stop North Korean maritime smuggling activities to obtain oil and to sell coal.” This coincides with the imposition of the United States the largest package of unilateral sanctions on North Korea, strengthening pressure on Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear and missile programs.
China has given no reason to stop US demand. Waqf can be lifted and is often used when a member of the Security Council wants more information but sometimes it can lead to a permanent halt to the process of listing people or companies on a black list.
The UN Security Council’s sanctions committee usually takes decisions by consensus.
If the committee agreed, a ban would be imposed on entry into ports on the 33 ships proposed by the United States, including 19 North Korean ships. States will also have to cancel the registration of vessels other than North Korea.
A freeze on the assets of the 27 shipping companies and the Taiwanese will also be imposed, according to Reuters.


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