The Iraqi Foreign Minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari

  Ibrahim al-Jaafari, said at the end of his visit to the Russian capital Moscow, that the sovereignty of Iraq is a red line can not be exceeded, and can not be compromised, and this is the case of the State of Iraq, which is larger than any Iraqi government.
Jaafari stressed that the Iraqi government is honest, and is committed to the sovereignty of Iraq, and we do not deal with the issue of sovereignty.
Jaafari said in his remarks that the statement of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, that the presence of US military bases are subject to the sovereignty of the country.
Jaafari said: “The specter of bases in Korea, Turkey, Japan and many other countries of the world, even after the end of the Second World War, remained the basis of the rules of the sovereignty of these countries.” When we asked for assistance, I addressed a letter in 2014 in the Security Council that these To help build bases, but to help in a manner that preserves Iraq’s sovereignty, independence, and not to remain permanently.


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