Syrian Army in Eastern Ghouta. © Mashregh News

After hours of intense clashes, Syrian army forces have pushed back terrorists from the suburbs of Duma.

The operation of recovery of the eastern part of the city of Douma by Syrian forces began on the night of Wednesday, February 28 to Thursday, March 1. This part of the city is considered an important stronghold of terrorists in Eastern Ghouta.

“After securing the locality of Hawsh al-Dawahra, Syrian forces have completely cleansed the strategic district of al-Shifouniyah,” said a source of information deployed on the battlefield and continued: “Despite the securing al-Shifouniyah, clashes are raging in the western periphery of this district. ”

Stressing that the truce agreement does not apply to military operations against the al-Nusra Front terrorist group operating in eastern Ghouta, this source said: “After being pushed back from the district of al-Shifouniyah, the terrorists fled to the south of the city of Douma. ”

With the liberation of al-Shifouniyah district, the communication route of the terrorists, operating in the boreal village of al-Rayhan and those who have been deployed in the southern areas, has been cut off. This allowed the Syrian troops to position themselves in the eastern part of Duma.

The district of al-Shifouniyah also remains the rallying point between the localities located in eastern Ghouta and the city of Douma, considered as the most important stronghold of terrorist groups in the Ghouta of eastern Damascus.

According to another dispatch from Damascus, terrorists operating in the districts of Harasta, Arbin and Jobar continue to attack mortars in the residential areas of Zhia al-Assad and Qaboun in the capital Damascus.

Terrorists prevent civilians from using the humanitarian corridor linking Eastern Ghouta to Damascus on February 27, 2018. © Reuters


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