A suicide bombing targeting a convoy of foreign troops

“Around 0900 hours, a car exploded in the neighborhood of Cain Bay and targeted a convoy of foreign troops. At least one person was killed and four others were wounded, all civilians, and the explosion damaged the neighborhood,” Danish said.
Danish had earlier referred to the explosion of a bomb inside a car of foreign staff, but that seemed unlikely given the scale of damage in shops and nearby houses.
Pictures of local television showed severe damage to neighboring houses, while witnesses said a powerful explosion was reported.
America invaded Afghanistan in 2011 after the events of September 11 the same year, and the US military has since spread on the ground in several areas of Afghanistan, and soon another month until the capital, Kabul, fell on 14 November, The then US President, George W. Bush, announced the overthrow of the Taliban.
Although the Taliban were overthrown in Kabul, Washington acknowledged more than once its failure in Afghanistan and the inability to completely eliminate the movement.
The country has 16,000 foreign troops under NATO forces, most of them Americans under the pretext of fighting terrorism.
The blast comes just days after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani announced a plan for peace talks with the Taliban that includes conditional recognition as a political party.


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