The deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council for International Security, Alexander Venediktov,

For example, in the control area of ​​the Kurdish People’s Protection Units in Syria there are about 20 US military bases.
On the US “security zone” in Altnef, Fondetkov told Sputnik that “the militants are moving freely before the eyes of the US military in the Al-Tanf area of ​​Syria. The area is closed to UN aid convoys.”
“The situation is also puzzling when the United States, without agreement with the Syrian government, occupies practically an area of ​​55 kilometers around the border on the Syrian-Jordanian border,” he said.
At the same time, for United Nations humanitarian convoys attempting to enter the camp from Syrian territory, the area remains closed.
The Reuters news agency said earlier that the United States is preparing to establish a new base for its forces in Syria, 60 – 70 kilometers from the base of the US-led coalition in the United States.
On the other hand, announced the Assistant Secretary of the Security Council of Russia for international security, that the terrorists in Syria have moved from large-scale combat operations to the tactics of guerrilla warfare.
“In the circumstances, the terrorists moved from large-scale combat operations to guerrilla tactics,” said Venediktov.


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