Iraqi Radio and Television Federation

“I am afraid to meet with such people and consider the meeting to be unfortunate, because it is shameful for us to meet with these people because these media institutions were the cause of the killing of our people in Iraq,” Hosseini said in a press statement.
“The heads of these institutions were themselves the cause of the distortion of the image of Iraq. They were the reflective woman of Da’ash who went to kill our people for more than three years, but before the preacher they were the ones who defied the image of Iraq and incited the Arab peoples against Iraq. Meet these people. ”
“These Saudi media institutions contributed to the publication of false reports and incited their yellow reports on Iraq and fabricated fabricated reports. We deplore their presence in Iraq and those who called them and those who received them. We consider them to be supportive media and come to Iraq to be perceived as victors and we are defeated,” he said.
“Those who called on them to go to the cemetery of the Valley of Peace to see thousands of graves for our young people who were killed because they published in their newspapers the fatwas of takfir and incitement to Iraq and they had to go to the homes of the martyrs and see what thousands of widows and orphans left behind their flags,” he said.
On February 26, 2018, the Union of Iraqi Journalists announced the signing of a joint cooperation agreement with the Saudi Journalists Association. The agreement included a number of items, notably the pursuit of seats and study fellowships in the university institutions of the two countries.


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