A picture taken on February 28, 2018 shows the portraits of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (R) and Russian President Vladimir Putin hanging outside a guard-post at the Wafideen checkpoint on the outskirts of Damascus neighboring the terrorist-held Eastern Ghouta region. (Photo by AFP)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that his patience with militant attacks in Syria’s Ghouta region is not indefinite, as terrorist groups positioned in the Damascus suburb continue to shell the capital indiscriminately.

After losing most of the Syrian territories in their control, foreign-backed militants are now largely concentrated in Eastern Ghouta, causing one of the deadliest stages over the course of the years-long conflict in Syria.

“As is known – in any case, we in Russia know this well enough – some shells crash even on the territory of the Russian embassy and trade mission. Are we going to tolerate this indefinitely? Of course, not,” Putin said during a Wednesday news conference that followed talks with Austria’s Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in Moscow.

“Bombardments from there continue unabated. On some days missile and mortar strikes reach 50-60,” Putin said.

Syrian government forces have been pounding terrorist positions in the area to retake it and free a large number of civilians who are trapped there and struggle with malnutrition and lack of basic medical supplies.

Putin said quite a few extremist groups present in Eastern Ghouta had been included in relative UN blacklists and military operations against them would continue based on the latest resolution adopted by the UN Security Council.


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