A speech by Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah on the occasion of Qods Day in the southern suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon. © AP

A senior Israeli military official said Wednesday (February 28th) that Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s secretary-general, was a major target for Israel. “His assassination will be a decisive victory for “Tel Aviv” in a possible future war.

“If we succeed in killing Hassan Nasrallah, it will be considered a decisive victory for Israel,” said the official, on condition of anonymity, to the Jerusalem Post.

The soldier admitted that Hezbollah had gained a lot of experience in the war in Syria. However, he also claims that the Israeli army has evolved significantly in recent years, no doubt to hide the woes of recent weeks of Israel in Syria.

“Millions of shekels have been spent on building Israel’s military capability, including the establishment of the Gideon Shield system to protect the ground troops from mortar shells and drones. the next war will be different from the previous ones, and it will last much longer than a few days or months, “the official said, hardly recognizing that the murder of Nasrallah could shorten the duration of a future war.

During the 2006 war, Israel had deployed all its military force against Hezbollah. The Israeli Army lost this face-to-face and the failure led Israel to appeal to Washington and the Security Council to end the war after its 33rd day. It was since that date that the Israeli Air Force began to climb, claiming to be the only one able to defeat Hezbollah. But this supremacy of the Israeli air force has just broken in Syria by a Syrian air defense that managed on February 10 to shoot down an Israeli F-16. It is in this context that the assassination of Nasrallah arises to Israel as a strategic goal.



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