Pope Francis again criticized some Catholics, suggesting that it was sometimes better to be an atheist than to call oneself Catholic and not to practice the principles of one’s religion.

Since his election in 2013, the head of the Roman Catholic Church has often told Catholics to follow the teachings of their religion. “It’s a scandal to say one thing and to do another. It’s a double life, “said Pope Francis, in an improvised commentary given during his morning Mass at his residence.

” It is a scandal ”
“There are those who say:” I am very Catholic, I always go to Mass, I am part of such and such association, “continued the Pontiff in a transcription given by Vatican Radio. But some of these people, he added, should also say, “My life is not that of a Christian, I do not pay a proper salary to my employees, I exploit people, […], I bleach money, (I lead) a double life. ”

“There are a lot of Catholics who are like that and it’s a scandal,” said François. “How many times have we all heard people say,” If that person is a Catholic, it’s better to be an atheist. ”

Barely two months after his election, the Vatican leader told Christians that non-believers doing good
should be considered good people. In often impromptu sermons, Francis condemned sexual abuse of children as the equivalent of “satanic masses” and pointed out that Catholics in the mafia were self-excommunicating. He recommended to his cardinals not to behave like “princes”.


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