Headquarters of the German Ministry of the Interior in Berlin (German capital).

A group of Russian hackers, known as Fancy Bear (APT 28), successfully infiltrated the networks of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense and managed to steal data from both Portfolios for a year, German media reported.

According to information collected on Wednesday by the German news agency DPA, in these cyber attacks, which were detected in December 2017, hackers would have accessed, at least in one case, relevant data from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to German sources, the alleged hackers also infiltrated the data network of the Federal Administration – the Berlin-Bonn information association (IVBB).

The IVBB is considered one of the most protected information networks before cyber attacks and is used by the Foreign Ministry and the different German Ministries, as well as by the Superior Court of Accounts or the secret services in Berlin, the German Parliament and the House of Representatives. of the German federal states.

Work is being done on the event (Russian cyber attacks) with high priority and important resources, “says Johannes Dimroth, spokesman for the German Ministry of the Interior.

“The event is being worked on with great priority and important resources,” said Johannes Dimroth, spokesman for the German Ministry of the Interior, after which he said that the aforementioned cyber attack was over and under control.

The German Government also attributed, in May 2015, to APT 28 another cyber attack detected against the German Bundestag’s computer system, revealed as a result of certain anomalies in its operation and presumed attempts by unknown persons to penetrate its database .

This information comes to light at a time when there is a campaign in progress against the alleged “cyber espionage” and “interference” in other countries, including in the US presidential elections, in which the current president Republican, Donald Trump, beat Democrat Hillary Clinton.

After the US elections, the leak of a report by the Central Intelligence Agency of the North American country (CIA, for its acronym in English) pointed to an intervention by Moscow to give victory to Trump. The alleged interference was denied by the Russian Government.


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