The Neum project is designed in line with the 2030 vision and is being built in a package to build Mega City New (New Middle East), which is 33 times larger than New York City, funding a $ 500 billion project with sales of 5% of Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco), and another $ 200 billion will be funded by the Saudi Public Investment Fund. It is to be noted that its first phase will be inaugurated in 2025, with all relevant service provision being deployed by intelligent robots run by artificial intelligence, experts have made this a major step for Saudi Arabia to emancipate from foreign workers and pay. Expensive costs to service businesses.

Aware for doing business
This city is a very important strategic point because it has a new structure for importing
It will export and will be a suitable platform for domestic and foreign investors because of this.
A project with an area of ​​26,500 km on the other side of the Red Sea of ​​the Gulf of Aqaba for recreational and it connects the harbor and other parts of Egypt and Jordan, and Israel is also in behind the scenes this project plays an important role.

New Project Goals:
– The founding of a new Middle East
– Saudi Arabia’s lack of dependence on oil sales
– Saudi economic dependence on imports and exports and the absorption of foreign investments
-Saudi Arabia’s economic dependence on the Ministry of Recreation and Recreation by bringing people together in a disruptive way, Saudi Arabia’s unprecedented record in breaking Islamic sanctities
– The maximum attraction of domestic and foreign investors
– Attraction of tourists to visit the Neu-Ney Clouds for commercial destinations
-Eliminating the oil seller in the Middle East as the world’s first oil exporter by extracting and selling 7635000 bpd from 637560000 bpd, one-sixth share of the oil market will be able to raise the price of oil at high and low levels and not affect the Saudi economy.
– Strengthening the foundations of the Saudi government
– Middle Eastern countries targeted in this direction (Iran-Russia-UAE-Kuwait-Iraq-Qatar-Oman-Bahrain-Syria)
– The province is in the hands of Saudi Arabia.
The total energy produced by this project will be green and light energy carriers (solar energy or solar-nuclear energy) there are projects that Saudi Arabia has been devoting to securing the energy needed to move on to the new Megacity.

The motto of the project is as follows:
Technology – Nature – Society – Constancy – Comfortable life

The document of development Ministry of Defense
The extension of the Department of Defense has been disputed since King Abdullah, in a series of meetings by King Abdullah telling Mohammed bin Salman to take this project seriously, it can be seen as a sign of Saudi Arabia’s long-term plan for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Considering that Saudi Arabia is the third largest country in the field of buying and importing
The weapons are war, (the countries that sell arms to Saudi Arabia are USA-France-Germany-Canada-China-Russia).
Saudi Arabia plans to significantly reduce the cost of purchasing weapons by making weapons at its borders, due to the high and costly manufacturing costs, as well as the greed of global markets such as the US, France and Germany. This dream is out of reach for Muhammad bin Salman, but he is trying to become a member of the uranium enrichment countries in Saudi Arabia’s nuclear facilities.
Saudi officials are pushing the US government to put more pressure on Iran with a boycott (Iran) to have a winning leaf in the blaze of the Yemeni war. The establishment of American factories The construction of guns in Saudi Arabia is one of the bribes that the Saudis have pledged to Donald Trump.

Nuclear energy
-King Abdullah’s city for nuclear energy and renewable energy in Riyadh is a base that has been widely studied since King Abdullah’s nuclear and solar energy and renewable energy sources.
-Saudi Arabia’s nuclear energy project is based on four basic pillars.

1. Large nuclear reactors:
A.Exploitation and Production of Space for the Construction of Nuclear Reactors –
B.The economic and technical benefits of these reactors –
C.Establishment of Holding Nuclear Energy Companies –
D.Studies on the geometric structure of nuclear reactors and initial technical studies for project construction

2. Small, but interconnected nuclear reactors:
The construction of small reactors without dependence on the power grid where there is no need for electricity, as a result of sweeping salty water, as well as for the use of very high heat from nuclear activities for petrochemical purposes.

– Small nuclear reactors with high temperature and gas-cooled
– Intelligent Nuclear Reactors

3. nuclear fuel
– Training and development of human resources and localization of uranium oxide production
– Exploration of pure uranium and thorium in Saudi Arabia

4. Monitoring and control organization
The Saudi government intends to set up an organization along with its nuclear facilities to oversee the way the operation is conducted, in order to ensure the full safety of Saudi citizens, it is said that the organization is run by non-native forces and its purpose is to ensure the government The United States is failing Saudi Arabia to become a nuclear weapon.


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