Russian S-400 missiles. (Photo archive)

According to the Pentagon, the rising number of Russian anti-aircraft missiles in the Middle East’s nerve region is removing the dominance of US and Moscow air forces against Washington’s supremacy in the Middle East.

At a meeting of the United States House of Representatives Armed Forces Commission, Joseph Votel, commander-in-chief of Central Command, said Russia was challenging US air traffic control in the Middle East.

In his 45-page report to the Armed Forces Committee of the House of Representatives, General Votel did not go out of his way to say that Iran, Russia and China were among the world’s biggest threats.

“Russia is in a position to weaken the position of Washington’s leadership on the international scene.The increase in the number of Russian anti-aircraft missiles (S-300, S-400) in the region has challenged the ability of United States to dominate the airspace of the region, “said the US General in his report.

He describes as “destructive” the role of Russia in Syria while Russia is present in Syria at the request of the Syrian government but that the United States, they lead a coalition that interferes in Syria without the approval of government of Damascus. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said it was “crucial for our national interest” to maintain an “indeterminate” military and diplomatic presence in Syria.


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