Jean-Yves Le Drian reviews the guard of honor of the French soldiers of the air detachment of the operation barkhane in Niamey on December 31, 2014, as part of a visit to Mali, Niger and Chad. © AFP

France, the United States, Great Britain followed by Germany have just issued a statement expressing concern about “Iran’s non-compliance with international sanctions imposed on Yemen”.

This statement is published 24 hours after the Russian veto of a Security Council resolution, proposed by London, which changed the place of the executioner and the victim: the accomplices of one of the worst genocides of the new century, accused there “Iran” to have trafficked missiles to the Yemeni people “who undergoes since 2015 a stinging and terrifying campaign of air strikes thanks to the bombs” made in Occident “. Video: Saudi strikes on Taez

On the same day (27 February), the French Foreign Minister, who stopped over in Moscow, decided to announce at a press briefing with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov: “We consider that the capabilities ambitions in ballistic missiles of Iran are very worrying and contrary to UN Resolution 2231 “.

And yet, Iran’s “ballistic capability ambitions”, as Mr. Le Drian says, has never served the “forces of aggression” or provoked mass massacres, which is unfortunately not the missiles and bombs and other weapons manufactured and sold by France to Saudi Arabia.

And this is far from being a supposition: Asked about the politics of Paris in Yemen, the French Minister of the Armed has shown an obvious embarrassment. Because this policy is indefensible, inhuman and inadmissible, for a State defending human rights. Between delivery of weapons and call for the opening of humanitarian corridors, Florence Parly preferred to use the language of wood.

On February 23, a French journalist named Baptiste des Monstiers returns to the war in Yemen, and particularly on the position of France in the conflict. Photos in support, and based on the parliamentary report of 2017 on the arms exports of France, where one learns that Saudi Arabia was between 2007 and 2016 the second customer of the French arms manufacturers He then reported that the weapons sold by Paris to Riyadh and the United Arab Emirates, which carry out bombing campaigns in Yemen, were being used against civilian populations.

In Moscow, Le Drian also worried about the range of Iranian missiles. He said he wanted to come to Iran to “tell the Iranians that we can understand their need for security,” but that “a ballistic missile with a range of 5,000 kilometers, he does not see the need.”

But is it France to see the “necessity” of the fundamentals of Iran’s national defense? After all, Mr. Drian, who travels to Iran in response to “the order of President Macron”, does not disembark on board a French warship in the Mediterranean or at a military base belonging to Barkhane strength!

The RII reserves the right to refresh the memory of the head of the Quai d’Orsey on some of his exploits “warriors” while he was at the head of Defense: the record of French arms exports in 2016, it is he he beat with more than 20 billion euros of weapons sold. But also and curiously, it is under his mandate that the French M51 has been tested. It is a ballistic missile that “can carry up to ten nuclear warheads”. With impressive dimensions (12 meters high and 2.30 meters in diameter), the machine has a curious range of about 8,000 kilometers. It is almost four times the range of long-range Iranian missiles. And if we add to this, the fact that France, an active member of NATO, is threatened neither by Germany nor by any of its neighbors and that its membership in the US clan saves it, at least in appearance US warmongering, it would be up to the Iranians to ask Mr. Le Drian the following question:

“What good is a missile of 8000 km range for France?”


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