Israeli soldiers arrested a wounded Palestinian. (Photo archive)

According to Palestinian sources, Palestinian youth and the Israeli military clashed yesterday, Tuesday (February 27th), in a locality in al-Khalil in the West Bank.

Israeli military forces also burst into the Ras Khamis area near al-Shafat crossing at Quds.

It should be noted that the leaders of the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher have decided to reopen this Wednesday this holy site of Christendom.

Christian leaders announced on Sunday (February 25th) at a press conference that the Holy Sepulcher, also known as the Basilica of the Resurrection, was closed at around noon (10 am GMT) as a protest against the recent Israeli measures that they call “an attempt to weaken the Christian presence” in Quds.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is located in the Old City, in East Quds. It is located at the top of Golgotha ​​Hill. This church is known to be the place where Jesus was condemned to death, according to the gospels.

Israeli officials intend to set up a tax collection on church property.

In addition, an Israeli settler crashed with his car yesterday Tuesday a 9-year-old Palestinian child in a locality in Jenin in the West Bank.

Similarly, 3 young Palestinians were arrested by the Tel Aviv regime in eastern Bethlehem in the southern West Bank.

The Israeli military also launched an assault on a town north of Quds. They destroyed a house and a water well belonging to Palestinians.

A wave of anger and protest erupted in the occupied territories of Palestine after two US officials announced on Friday, February 23, the transfer of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Quds, May 14, day marking the anniversary of the appearance of the Israeli cancer tumor on the world map, Nakba.


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