The anti-armor missile "Azarakhsh". © Fars News

The Arian Air Support and Projection Corps of the IRGC, responsible for all transport and liaison aircraft (planes and helicopters), has unveiled its brand new “Azarakhsh” (lightning) missile system.

At the inauguration ceremonies of the Training and Repair Center of the IRGC Air Support and Projection Corps, on Wednesday, February 28, combat projects were unveiled, including the “Azarakhsh” anti-armored missile, whose mission is perform low level air operations against land targets.

This new missile weighs 70 kg and is capable of hitting targets at a distance of 10 km. This thermal missile has a range of 6 km with a maximum speed of 550 m / s.The missile, with a diameter of 127 mm has a length of 3096 mm.

Helicopter Mil Mi-17. © Al-Alam

Mil Mi-17 helicopters were also equipped with a night vision system. According to the Al-Alam channel, on the sidelines of the inauguration ceremonies of the new training center of the Arian Support and Projection Corps of the IRGC, in the military base of Fath, Mil Mi-17 helicopters equipped with a system night vision were also unveiled.

General Mohammad-Ali Jaafari attends the ceremony of the unveiling of the “Azarakhsh” missile. © Fars News

General Mohammad Ali Jaafari, Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), IRGC Ground Commander and other senior commanders of the country’s armed forces, visited the unveiling of this new manufacturing missile local.

For the record, the last Iranian anti-armored missile “Toufan M-2” (Typhoon) was unveiled during the general march of February 11 in Tehran.

The Toufan M-2 was exposed to the public at the stand of the Iranian Ministry of Defense.

With a penetration of 650 mm, the missile is equipped with a semi-automatic remote control system. It is 147 cm long and 15 cm in diameter. It has a maximum range of 310 m / s.

The maximum range of this anti-aircraft missile is 3,750 meters and the minimum range is 100 meters. He weighs 21 kg.


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