A new Zionist settlement plan

According to the Hebrew newspaper, the settlement “Alad” settlement along with the “cable car” east of Jerusalem, also the longest “Omega” in the Zionist entity.
The Al-Ad organization responsible for the Judaization of Jerusalem and the Silwan neighborhood, and among several projects in East Jerusalem, will begin to extend the longest line of “omega-ski” in the region, which will extend for a length of (784) meters.
The newspaper added that the opponents of the project said the project will change the face of the historic city and will damage the landscape.
The “Ha’ad” organization has received permission to start construction of this project and the establishment of the longest in the “Israel”, which will pass over East Jerusalem, which will extend from the “Palace Park Governor, to the neighborhood of Abu Tor.
The newspaper pointed out that the Assembly obtained the building permit two months ago and soon will begin to build concrete columns and cable laying.


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