Ali Akbar Velayati

During his meeting on Monday with a delegation of the most prominent Sunni sheikhs in Iraq, Velayati welcomed the Iraqi tribal delegation and stressed that the unity and solidarity between the Iranian people and Iraq and the participating parties is an asset that can not be bought with money. He expressed the hope that exchanges between political, religious, The two countries because of its role in promoting bilateral relations.
Velayati referred to the longstanding relations between the Iranian and Iraqi peoples and said: “If the recent cooperation between the two countries had not been, Iraq would become a battlefield for terrorists and maimed by the schemes of despicable enemies.”
Velayati pointed out that the leader of the Islamic Revolution attaches great importance to the issue of safeguarding Iraq’s unity and cohesion. “Peace and security must be established logically through the consolidation of relations between states,” he said.
For his part, Jassim al-Kanani, head of the tribal clans’ delegation and the head of the delegation of tribal sheikhs, praised the role of the religious authority in Iraq, especially Ayatollah Sistani. He said that the tribes of Iraq took the same position that was taken in 1920 against British colonialism and was able to expel a supporter from Iraq thanks to the support and protection of the brothers The Iranians.
Kanani also thanked the Leader of the Revolution, the people and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran for their cooperation and protection of the Iraqi people in a confrontational confrontation.
The spokesman for the Iraqi delegation and the representative of the movement of Asaib al-Haq on the role of the Iraqi tribes and said: The Americans and after entering Iraq began to pass their sectarian policies and instigate strife among the Iraqi people one to strike the Iraqi flesh, but the Iraqi elites and tribes did not allow the passage of US plots.
The Iraqi tribal leaders from Mosul, Diyala and other Iraqi provinces in the meeting explained their views on the relations between the Iranian and Iraqi people.


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