Secretary General Asaeb Ahl al-Haq

Secretary General Asaeb Ahl al-Haq said Iraqi resistance to the invaders under the supervision, guidance and knowledge of the martyr Emad Mughniyeh began.
Sheikh Qais al-Khazali, in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the martyrdom of Emad Mughniyeh in Baghdad, said: “Iraq’s resistance to the invaders was under the supervision, guidance and knowledge of Martyr Mughniyeh, the people who were taught by Mughniyah in resistance to the occupation of America and the defense of Zaynab’s shrine ) Participated.
“If we want to talk about Haj Emad Mughniyeh, we should emphasize that the main part of the Islamic resistance that took place in Iraq, which stood against the American occupation and defeated the Americans and forced the territory to leave Iraq, was the result of Haj Emad Mughniye’s efforts,” al-Khazaali added. . We must say that everyone in the world knows that martyr Emad Mughniyeh was the first responsible and direct supervisor of the role of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq.
Secretary General Asaeb Ahl al-Haq added: “No matter how strong the progress was made, he was blessed.” The first resistance in Iraq in 2003 was very primitive. But with Imad Mughni’s efforts, resistance has progressed and reached the present resistance. The first generation and the first-generation commanders of the Resistance Army were the result of Haj Emad Mughniyeh’s education and training. This is a fact that many of them may not know. But it’s time for the whole world to be aware of it, he monitored the most precise details, and he was well-respected in the Iraqi resistance by consulting and experimenting with the long history of resistance with the Israeli occupation.
Al-Khazali added that when the forces of the ISIS terrorist group flocked to our country from all countries of the world, and the religious authority issued its historic fatwa to confront them, to defend the land of sacred places and protect the land of Mahin Aziz, Iraq at that time The people did not have much sense and the security services were not in a position to stand against these terrorists who came to Iraq everywhere. At that time, a group of young people who had been raised in the previous years by the martyr Mughniyeh stood in front of the terrorists, which began the establishment of a popular Iraqi mobilization. These youths were commanders of the Islamic resistance. They managed to organize tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of young people who came in response to religious authority to fight ISIS. They quickly and in an unprecedented amount managed to organize the popular mobilization of Iraq, train young people and equip them with equipment, and lead them into conflict, achieve victories, and change from the stage of defense to the attack stage. And release all the territory of Iraq. These commanders were Haj Emad Mughniyeh graduates. From 2003 to 2005, they trained Haj Emad Mughniyeh and defeated and defeated the American invaders and defended Zionab’s son, Salah Allah, in Syria, and fought and defeated the ISIL terrorists. These are all thanks to the great efforts of this great commander. We are all proud of him. We thank him and his family and his party and his country.
He added: “We vow with all the martyrs to always take the path that the martyr Emad Mughniyh traced to us, the right path.


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