Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasimi

Speaking at a weekly press conference on the proposed British draft resolution on Yemen, which is due to be voted on Monday, Qasimi said that during the visit of Foreign Assistant to Iraq, he had the opportunity to discuss various bilateral, regional and international issues, including the Yemen crisis.
“We are taking advantage of any opportunity on the situation in Yemen to help get out of the crisis through talks in this regard.”
Qassemi said that we see an incorrect behavior on the part of the British government. Despite its slogans to resolve and resolve the security crisis peacefully, international mechanisms are being used to defend the aggressor, and we have to wait until the afternoon to denounce our position on the draft resolution.
In response to a question about the current situation in Syria, specifically the eastern Ghouta, he said: “We hope to implement the cease-fire in Syria and to reduce the violence and stop it and start humanitarian relief operations.”
“It is certain that the continuation of the clashes does not please any human being and we hope that the new resolution will lead to the establishment of a ceasefire in all areas of Syria and allow the provision of humanitarian aid to all its corners,” the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said.


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