A huge explosion shook central Britain

Six people, two of them seriously, were injured in a massive explosion in a shop that was followed by the collapse of a nearby house in the central British city of Leicester, police said on Monday.
“All the emergency teams are dealing with the incident now,” Leicester police said in a tweet. “Police investigations indicate that the incident has nothing to do with terrorism, but with a gas leak that caused an explosion.
The representatives of three medical institutions said in a joint statement on Twitter that: “The hospitals in the city of Leicester, can confirm that six people were admitted to hospitals from the scene, two of them in critical condition, while the other four suffered minor injuries.”
Police announced the closure of Carlisle Street and part of the Hinckley road in Leicester after the explosion, and called on citizens to stay away from the area, adding that all emergency services deal with the incident without explaining the cause of the blast.


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