The Israeli regime lays an interrogation for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the eighth time.
According to the Haaretz newspaper, the interrogations are part of a series of investigations in the course of two cases of state corruption called “Case 3000” and “Case 4000”.
The “Case 3000”, also known as the “Israeli submarine scandal”, is about striking a $ 2 billion contract for the purchase of three nuclear fuel submarines and four military ships from Germany.
Of course, Netanyahu himself is not directly charged as a defendant, but Netanyahu’s attorney David Shimron and more than seven former officials have been charged with receiving a $ 1 billion bribe and betrayal of trust in this case.
In Case 4000, a group of Netanyahu’s closest associates has been charged with misusing their position to upgrade the image of Prime Minister and his wife.
They are alleged to have been offered to Netanyahu, a telecom company called “Zook”, who offered some positive news about Netanyahu and his wife in exchange for granting some privileges from Israeli regulatory agencies.
Israeli police accused Netanyahu of treating corruption, fraud, abuse of power and betrayal on Tuesday, following a year of investigations, interrogations and examination of various documents. Netanyahu’s wife Sarah is also known as a partner in corruption cases.


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