Haj Mujahid Abi Mahdi

Haj Mujahid Abi Mahdi Engineer ..
Peace be upon you and the mercy of God and blessings, of your sons Mujahideen, comrades of the path of the martyrs of the Hawija righteous “Radwan Allah to them.”
Peace be upon you and you share our sadness and pride with our beloved martyrs, who carried the trust and made it, and made their souls good and sold them. So after the length of the jihad, they sold them, and they received the greatest death.
We write to you our message and you are an ally of our Jihad and victory, and you witness with us, and present in us, we shared the fields, and share the gaps .. Know the features of our patience and our absolute confidence in God Almighty ..
Our experience in the great epics, as the pioneers of the fronts, ahead of victory and martyrdom, we wrote our covenant from the dawn of the dawn of the fatwa blessed to our master supreme authority Ali al-Husseini al-Sistani, “the shadow of the wall,” and the victorious victory after victory, from Amrali and Al-Nasr and a country to Tikrit, Beiji, Fallujah and Nineveh. The land is folded up for us, and our mother and mother are scattered over our heads, and our heads are crowned with gratitude and our flag is held for victory. Then we could only continue to fulfill the task and carry out the duty.
The convoy of our brothers from the martyrs of Hawija was a gift from our offer. The field was their home, and the gaps were their mihrabs, the land that they had been deprived of, their great assets, their great heroics, and the footsteps of their feet in every station. They walked with insight, knowing that Their battle is the battle of the right extending from the day of Ashura until the dawn of the expected justice .. They fought the battles of the martyrdom of the martyrdom, until they received the supreme medal, and that the testimony to miss the way to them, and they are the knights of each field, and the protagonists to all the survivors and the former to perform their jihadist tasks All the while, the testimony was waiting for them in every location of the nation Inspiring, even hugging them with their pure lives.
As we write to you our message, to reward you for the loss of your righteous children, who have died in the performance of their jihadist duty, and whose faith, consciousness, patience and their people have been known, we renew our covenant with their pure souls and their pure blood. God willing, we will not close our eyelids or calm our resolve or cool us a breath, but to feed their killers some of us and we hope tyranny tyranny of our guns. Our eyes on the enemies are united, and our hands on the trigger are firm, and our feet are firmly grounded, so that Iraq will remain in its land, its skies, its people and its sanctities, generous, dear, free, united.
The word of God remains supreme.
“And as a kind of prophet fought with him, many Rbioon what they suffered because of them in the way of Allah and what they suffered and what Astknoa and God loves the patient”
Believe God Almighty
Peace, mercy and blessings of God
6 / Jumada II / 1439


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