Major-General Baqri

 General of the Iranian Armed Forces, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Baqri, on the sidelines of the National Forum for Science and the Culture of Sacred Defense, and in a press statement Saturday on the sidelines of the festival of science and culture of defense in Tehran, he referred to the decision of the cease-fire adopted by the Security Council for 30 days in the outskirts of Damascus, “This time, as in the past, those who do not want the return of security and calm to Syria raised the flag of the cease-fire to protect the terrorists when they saw the will of the army and the Syrian government to clear the outskirts of Damascus.”
He added: “The Syrian army wants to clear the Syrian territory of terrorists to ensure the security of citizens in Damascus; but so far has fired more than 1200 shells towards Damascus, which threatens the security and tranquility of citizens and therefore these areas must be cleared of terrorism.”
“The West and the terrorists have insisted on a cease-fire, and with joint efforts by Syria and its friendly countries and opponents of the terrorists, including Iran and Russia, this resolution has been slightly modified,” he said. So that the people of these areas can continue their daily lives, but it did not last long enough to allow the survival of the terror front; in the coming months, Syria will be completely cleansed. ”
“We will abide by this decision, and Syria will also comply; some areas in the Damascus region are under the control of terrorists and not subject to a cease-fire, the operations of purging these areas of terrorism will continue,” the chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces said.


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