French President Emmanuel Macaron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin

 The French Presidency said in an official statement that France will remain ready to work to find a solution to the crisis in Syria.
The Elysee statement said:
All the countries concerned must ensure that the truce in Syria is implemented, which was stipulated by the Security Council from the sponsors of the Astana agreements, ie, Russia, Turkey and Iran.
The French presidency said that “French President Macaron and German Chancellor Merkel will discuss on Sunday the brother of February, the cease-fire plan in Syria with Russian President Putin.”
The statement pointed out that French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Laudrian will travel to Moscow on the 27th of this month to discuss the Syrian crisis.
In a statement on the role played by France in the Security Council resolution on Saturday (February 24), the Presidency affirmed a 30-day truce in Syria and stressed the need to respect the truce and to provide humanitarian aid to the besieged areas.
The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously on Saturday for a draft resolution to implement a truce in all areas of Syria.
The resolution provides for “a ceasefire without delay for at least 30 days, allowing the United Nations and its partners to carry out unconditional and safe medical evacuation and lifting the siege on residential areas, including al-Ghouta.”
Media reports have reported hundreds of deaths in the eastern region of Al-Ghouta, adjacent to the Syrian capital Damascus, last week; while a number of civilians fell in the bombing of armed groups on Damascus, and called on international organizations to stop immediately to target civilians.


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