The eyes are dazzled by the exemplary courage of Palestinian teenagers, surrounded by Israeli soldiers.

The new photos and videos of the arrest of Palestinian children by Israeli soldiers, armed to the teeth in al-Khalil and other Palestinian cities are the tip of the iceberg that represents the violation of the rights of Palestinian children.

In addition, documents proving the violation of the rights of Palestinian children by the Tel Aviv regime in the occupied territories of Palestine are increasing.

Surrounded last December by 23 Israeli soldiers, while his hands were tied up and his eyes blindfolded, photos of 16-year-old Palestinian teenager Fawzi al-Junaidi toured social networks and one of the international media.

The photos of another Palestinian teenager relayed this Saturday, February 24 by social networks show that he was surrounded and arrested by many Israeli soldiers.

According to the Palestinian news agency, Ma’an another video was posted on the arrest of a 12-year-old Palestinian child named Abdullah Dwaik.

This Palestinian miner was arrested at a checkpoint in al-Khalil.

The child’s father said his son was arrested for taking pictures of Israeli military attacks on a peaceful demonstration by Palestinians.

This Saturday an image was broadcast on the arrest in Nablus of a Palestinian teenager, while he smiled.

A film about the arrest of five Palestinian teenagers was relayed on social networks.

Currently around 7,000 Palestinians are imprisoned in Israeli jails including 500 minors.

Photo source: Fars News


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