In his interview with the Iranian news agency Iran, Talal Salman, the prominent Lebanese journalist and founder of the newspaper “As-Safir”, known for his sharp positions on major regional political issues looks at developments in the Middle East and the place of Iran and its influence since the 1967 revolution in the region to say that Iran is today in a position of strength.

Asked about the hardening of anti-Iranian positions in Washington and the possibility of military action against Tehran provoked by Washington, the veteran Lebanese journalist categorically excluded this perspective.

“In my opinion the military option is totally excluded, because nobody, even the American president Donald Trump, dares to embark on a military adventure which would be as expensive as inefficient. He explained.

Talal Salman answers questions from Iran’s reporter. © Irna


“Iran is a big country and starting a war against such a country is not easy. A military action against Iran would be ultra-expensive if the party that started the war could not find enough mercenaries to infiltrate Iran, a country that remains historically one of the most powerful. all the Middle East, “he added.

As for Israel, the Lebanese journalist is pushing hard to say that even the Tel Aviv regime, a nuclear policeman in the region and a great ally of the United States, “is not able to cope with a regional power that is Iran “.

For him, “the Iranophobic policy systematically cultivated by the regime of Tel Aviv aims to cause tension in relations between the Arab countries and Iran and thus divert the attention of the Muslim opinion of the danger that represents Israel”.

“The myth of the invincibility of the Israeli army has been fueled by those who pushed the Arab world to failure and decay,” he said.



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