Great Algerian Revolution

Abdelhamid Ben Badis
In 1830 French forces occupied Algeria and practiced the worst acts of injustice, oppression, torture and humiliation for the dignity of the Algerian Arab people, violating the sanctity of mosques and schools and imposing martial law and establishing military courts throughout the occupied Algeria.
The resentment of the Algerians continued to be exacerbated by these arbitrary practices and the escalating struggle of the people until the first of November 1954, the date of the Great Revolution.
In the course of seven and a half years of bloody struggle and heroic struggle, the heroic Algerian people (1.000.000) presented a million martyrs on the altar of freedom and doubled the number of prisoners, torturers, displaced, wounded and disabled until the Algerian revolution was known as the one million martyrs.
The Algerian revolution under the leadership of Sheikh Abdelhamid Ben Badis occupies a distinguished position and prestige on a global scale and the history of the liberation revolutions, such as the American Revolution of 1776, the French Revolution of 1789, the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 and the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979.
The Great Algerian Revolution succeeded in smashing seven French governments: the Government of Mundis France, Moulé, Borges Monori, Adgar Faure, the Government of Felix Gaillard, then the Government of Moulé II, and Flemélane, and even succeeded in undermining the Fourth French Republic) The French army occupied the woes after the scourge, and suffered defeat after defeat by the heroes of the revolution.
The result of that revolution is the heavy losses inflicted on the French economy. The Algerian revolution has made successive Paris governments suffer from international isolation. There have been strong trends within the French people demanding the departure of the French armed forces from Algeria following the large number of French fatalities returning to their country. .
The great Algerian revolution will remain a beacon, model and pride not only for the Algerian and Arab people, but for all the aspiring peoples of liberation and liberation from the neck of Western hegemony and global arrogance. And credit – all credit – for the blood of martyrs and righteous families.


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