Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif

In an address to the Forum on “Regional Systems Models in the Aftermath”, hosted by the Faculty of International Studies at Tehran University, Zarif said: “We are witnessing today a field defeat for the poor, not an intellectual defeat. This organization in the region and the world has not been eliminated and still exists. Zarif said that one of the main mistakes of the West is his belief that a boycott has been eliminated; however, the conditions for creating this organization are still present, and the external intervention, which is the first reason for finding it, remains.
The foreign minister said that Dahesh is the summary of the US attack on Iraq and before that, the injustice practiced by the Zionist entity on the Palestinian people and the inability of the rulers of the region; adding that the demands of peoples to respect their views prompted these rulers to strengthen their relations with the Zionist entity.
Zarif described America’s attempts to transfer tensions from the region to the outside, which are taking place in Hasakah, Al-Majid, Deir Al-Zour and other points, as a dangerous regional event. He said that the network of terrorist organizations is still standing and that financial support is still there. This danger has increased day after day.

Zarif said: “Violence is spreading today in Afghanistan, where the rival and the Taliban are competing to attract attention and get more and more support and thus spread the division in the region.” The Iranian foreign minister stressed the need to change the regimes controlling the region, which calls for the purchase of security in dollars; Which is doing this to think carefully about how to strengthen the stability of the region.
After the Cold War, the Americans believed that they had won the war and could build new systems in the world and spent a lot of money in that direction. Since the George W. Bush administration, America has been trying to stabilize the one-pole system and ignite a war every year for this purpose. Confronting the major powers in East Asia and confronting China and Russia.
At the end of his speech, Zarif pointed to the project of the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to maintain the security of the region, which includes talks in the Persian Gulf region, declaring: This region has been under the influence of wars over the past four decades, and this idea can resolve the differences, She was wrong in her projects to dialogue. They are seeking to form an alliance against Iran and last year spent $ 116 billion on arms deals. We must change the concept of proactive security and seek through dialogue to form new foundations for security to get the region out of its current situation.
“The threat of extremism and intimidation continue to threaten the region as before,” the Iranian foreign minister told reporters after a speech on Saturday at the Forum on “Regional Systems Models in the World,” stressing that “we need programs for a long-term confrontation with the foundations of this danger.” On the cultural level and in the face of extremist ideology and through cooperation and negotiations among the countries of the region. We hope that the Islamic Republic, which was at the forefront of confrontation with the terrorist organizations, will be able in the next stage to promote cultural thought and regional cooperation in general and the Persian Gulf region in particular.


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