Saleh Mohammed Al-Arouri is a member of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas). He was born in Ramallah in 1966. He received his primary, preparatory and secondary education in Palestine and obtained a Bachelor of Sharia from Hebron University.
Al-Aruri did not settle in Turkey, whose government was under American-Israeli pressure because of his hosting. He had to travel to Doha and from there to Malaysia.
He joined Islamic work at an early age in the school and the activity of mosques and then led the Islamic student work at the university since 1985 until his arrest in 1992. He joined the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in 1987 and was involved in various forms of resistance to the occupation since the movement’s inception.
Between 1991 and 1992, the actual beginning of the emergence of Al-Arouri took place, where he co-founded and formed a military apparatus for the movement in the West Bank in 1991-1992, which contributed to the actual launching of the Qassam Brigades in the West Bank in 1992.
He was arrested since 1992 until 2007 (15 years) on charges of forming the first cells of the Brigades in the West Bank, and was re-arrested three months after his release, and for a period of three years until 2010, where the Israeli Supreme Court decided to release him in exchange for deportation outside Palestine, By “Aarouri”.
Was deported to Syria and settled for three years, and then left for Turkey in February 2012, following the outbreak of the Syrian revolution and the stumbling of relations between Bashar al-Assad and the Palestinian resistance movement.
In the context of the crisis in the region with the emergence of the Islamic state at the end of 2015, the Turkish state came under US-Israeli pressure to expel Abu Muhammad from its territory to Doha. In this, a source from within the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” to the newspaper Al-Quds that “Aarouri left Turkey for months, is no longer resident as before.
He preferred to go out on its own to raise pressure and embarrassment on Turkey, which was subjected to a campaign of great pressure by the US administration and the Israeli government, on the pretext that it carries out acts of resistance from the territory of Turkey, “and did not reach the” Arori “to Doha and settled after, until the Gulf crisis Gulf countries. The four countries accused Qatar of supporting terrorism. Abu Muhammad went to Malaysia, including Lebanon.
Release from Israeli jails
Until his release from Israeli jails in March 2010, Saleh al-‘Arori was not widely known, but was simply a Hamas activist. Later, it was reported that Al-‘Arori played a role in completing the deal «Wafa al-Ahrar», and then faded the lights on him then gradually.
The man in Turkey played a pivotal role in providing financial support to the movement. The US Treasury Department reports its role in raising money from Arab countries and Turkey and passing it on to the Qassam Brigades in Gaza and in American intelligence reports called “Al-Arouri” to the military commander and the central financier of the movement. Allowed him to have considerable influence within the movement’s political bureau by controlling the funding tracks, as well as considerable influence within the movement’s military wing in the West Bank as one of its founders.
It is also seen as the absolute spark of the recent war (2014) in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, where the abduction and murder of three Israelis in the West Bank triggered the war. At a conference in Istanbul, Al-Arouri recognized the process of captivity and murder, and that those who carried out it were part of Hamas.
This recognition, which is contrary to the official orientation of the movement, where the official spokesman «Sami Abu Zuhri» deny the responsibility of the movement for the kidnapping and killing of the three settlers. Conflicting statements between the movement and the «Alaruri» lost the credibility of its moral position before the world and placed in a political embarrassment.
In August 2014, Al-Arouri released the news again. The Israeli authorities accused him of responsibility for forming a coup cell against Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank. It is the same accusation made by “Mahmoud Abbas” against “Al Arouri” later.
In Turkey, Salih al-Arouri founded a Hamas office, which raised many suspicions about the independence of the office or its subordination to the movement. “The Hamas branch in Turkey takes its own decisions without consultation with the Hamas leadership, Considering the consequences of his actions on the movement as a whole ».
In that context, Shlomo Eldar recalls the fact that the kidnapping of the three settlers in 2014, which led to the outbreak of the Gaza war, was carried out by the Hamas office in Turkey without the knowledge of the movement itself. This led to conflicting statements between Aluri and Hamas, whose leaders were surprised by the kidnapping. .
In addition to this, Al-Arouri planned the coup against Abbas in the West Bank, away from the policy of Hamas and without the knowledge of its leaders. All this and other questions raise questions about the truth of the independence of the Hamas office in Turkey or the nature of the work of Saleh Al-Arouri and his association with the movement.
Some say that Abu Muhammad is moving in a way that presents the challenge to the leadership of the movement when Khaled Meshaal was on top of it. This can be attributed to two things. First, ideology, which is unlikely, as most reports indicate that the “Aarouri” represents the pragmatic wing within Hamas.
This is confirmed by a dialogue with the British newspaper The Telegraph, which began by urging Hamas to abandon the bombings and try to talk to the Jewish state. He added, “Hamas will harm itself if it attacks civilians. Ultimately, the fruit of military action is the political solution. It ends with a truce.


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