Sheikh Ali Salman

February 23, 2018
Sheikh Ali Salman
Sheikh Ali Salman Salman Salman is the secretary-general of the National Islamic Accord Society, the largest opposition political group in Bahrain, a Bahraini scholar and one of the most prominent national opposition figures in the kingdom.
He was born in 1965 in the country’s old village. He joined the Department of Mathematics at King Faisal University in Dammam in 1984, and after three years emigrated to the Islamic Republic of Iran to join the scientific estate in Qom and study in the study of Islamic sciences.
He returned to Bahrain from the city of Qom in 1993 and committed to lead the worshipers at the Mosque of Imam Sadiq Baldraz on behalf of Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Ahmed Qasim, who then traveled to Qom to continue his scientific career. After the return of Ayatollah Qassem and with the political breakthrough, Closed in Manama.
Elite petition
In 1992, Shaikh Ali Salman signed a petition to the emir of the Bahraini King Ali Issa bin Salman Al Khalifa, demanding that he issue an order to hold elections for the National Council in Bahrain, which was an emirate at the time. Bahrain: “There is no thought now of the return of the National Assembly.”
The Ninth Intifada
Sheikh Ali Salman participated in the Ninth Intifada, which lasted from 1994 until 2000, and included leftist, liberal and Islamic forces, and aimed to achieve the people’s constitutional demands, which were:
The restoration of democracy through the re-election of the National Council, which was dissolved in 1975 in a manner contrary to the Constitution.
Release all political prisoners and return exiles.
Granting women civil and political rights.
Ensure that justice prevails among all citizens.
Economic reforms.
During the Intifada Sheikh Ali Salman was arrested more than once between 1993 and 1994 and then was deported to the United Arab Emirates at the end of 1994, including moved to London.
Return to Bahrain and engage in political action
In 2001, Sheikh Ali Salman returned to his homeland after introducing the draft national charter, to engage in political work as Secretary General of the Islamic National Accord Society.
After the decision of the Islamic Waqf Society to participate in the political and electoral process in 2006, Sheikh Ali Salman was elected as a deputy in the Bahraini House of Representatives. Before the parliamentary bloc resigned from parliament in 2011 after stumbling efforts to stop the killing of civilians by the security forces and military.
He is currently the Secretary-General of the Islamic National Accord Society, and delivers his speeches and speeches from the Friday prayers pulpit at the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in Qafoul. He is considered one of the leaders of the Bahraini opposition.
During his political career, Sheikh Ali Salman has managed to control peaceful opposition and the peaceful and nonviolent transformation of popular public behavior in the Bahraini street demanding democratic transformation.


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