Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR)

International Attitudes
Human rights organizations express their concern at the increasing number of people sentenced to death in Bahrain
According to Tasnim International News Agency, the center revealed that the number of those sentenced to death is increasing as it reached 22 citizens in illegal charges related to political beliefs and attitudes of the authorities’ behavior in the area of ​​violations, adding that it came concurrent with the trial of prominent rights Nabeel Rajab in order to divert attention, The successive death sentences.
The center explained that the death sentences are issued by the civil and military courts and based on charges based on confessions extracted under torture, which reveals that the procedures in the Bahraini courts vary according to the political direction of the authorities in the country.
PCHR rejected the use of the judiciary by the Government of Bahrain and the power of the law to press the political pressure on the dissidents, because this is a serious breach in the work of the judiciary, which must be fair and abide by standards of justice trials.
The Center called upon the international community, particularly the Human Rights Council and its affiliated bodies, to prevent countries such as Bahrain, which lack justice and justice and are known to use the trials to deter their political and juridical opponents, from imposing death sentences against this group and preventing their implementation and compensation as victims of political rulings.


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