For the rest of his life, Guevara avoids the comforts of the poor and the destitute, living the lives of the miserable and the destitute, as a living example and role model for his supporters and apostates, like the leaders of the great revolutions and the leaders of the peoples fighting against colonialism and capitalism such as Mahatma Gandhi and Imam Khomeini – with the great difference of course in terms of scientific status, spiritual qualities, -.
His approach was leftist and his spirit rebellious to the deteriorating reality of the peoples of Latin America plagued by colonialism, poverty, ignorance and fragmentation.
Perhaps some do not know that Guevara was fascinated by thought and fond of books and immersed in reading and characterized by scientific interest and cultural thirst. He hardly tells his thirst for travel and books.
He studied medicine and graduated in 1953 from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, but he did not initiate the opening of a clinic and receive patients in his clinic, but he saw the first address the reality of the peoples of Latin America patient, had significant contributions and fingerprints in the revolutions of the Cuban people, Chile and Salvador American imperialism, as well as its support and support for the revolutions of the peoples fighting in Vietnam, Algeria and the Congo.
The United States imposed an economic and trade blockade on Cuba after the victory of the Cuban Revolution. Guevara took a series of steps to get rid of the single-crop economy. The state was dependent on sugar cane cultivation to make up 75% of its resources. Self-sufficiency and proceeds to provide loans for local development projects and rejects many of the leadership positions in the state, which was assigned to him by the great leader Fidel Castro, and was not filled with official sites and privileges at all.
A revolution like Guevara deserves praise and praise because it is the leader of the century to say work and biased to the destitute and the role model for revolutionaries in a continent and not in one country.


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