The Tahrir Souriya Front is in conflict in the provinces of Aleppo and Idlib with its terrorist counterpart, the Tahrir al-Sham coalition, whose main pillar is the al-Nusra Front.

Opposition site Enab reported today, Friday, February 23, 2018, that the Tahrir Souriya Front has taken 70 elements of Tahrir al-Sham in Kafr Naha, in the west of Aleppo.

Also yesterday, Tahrir Souriya captured Tahrir al-Sham commanders in the Idlib rif.

Military sources said last night near Al-Habit city in the Idlib rift, a number of Tahrir al-Sham leaders were captured by the Tahrir Souriya coalition.

For four days, in Idlib and in the western rift of Aleppo, Tahrir Souriya is in conflict with the elements of the Front al-Nusra. The brawls began after Abu Ayman al-Masri, Tahrir al-Shahr’s sharia leader, was killed by the Noureddine al-Zinki Movement, which is part of the Tahrir Souriya coalition.

So far, the Tahrir Souriya Front has taken about 15 localities in Tahrir al-Sham while Tahrir al-Sham has taken control of 10 villages and localities in the province of Idlib.

Last year, Tahrir al-Sham made progress against Ahrar al-Sham in the Idlib rif.

But according to Enab, a large number of elements of Tahrir al-Sham have now surrendered to Tahrir Souriya officials in several localities of the Idlib rif.

The Tahrir Souriya Front is a coalition that was created a few days ago between Ahrar al-Sham and the Noureddine al-Zinki Movement. This front has announced its goal to fight against the Front al-Nusra.


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