Iranian Ambassador to Britain Hamid Baeidi-Nejad

 The Iranian ambassador to Britain wrote through his private channel on Telgram, that an Iraqi visit to Britain for the second round of comprehensive political talks between the two countries is of great importance in light of these sensitive international and regional circumstances. In view of the latest nuclear agreement on the one hand and important discussions at the level of the UN Security Council At the level of major and regional powers to end the Yemen crisis on the other hand, the two sides seek through more coordination to increase the possibility of collective action.
On the nuclear deal, Iran and Britain have a common view on maintaining the nuclear agreement and opposing any change in the agreement as suggested by Trump. In this regard, important consultations were held between the two sides in order to deal with the dangers of the nuclear agreement. Meanwhile, it is clear that The differences between Britain and European countries with America are serious in this regard.
The Iranian ambassador in Britain noted regional differences between Iran and Britain, saying, “Certainly when it comes to issues related to regional developments, the understanding between the two sides is not complete. The two countries have important differences, but at the same time and in view of the two countries’ Which has turned into a blatant inhuman war, Iran and Britain have made important decisions on ending the war in Yemen. Iran has strongly opposed its condemnation of a draft UN draft resolution on Yemen.


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