General Suleimani

This came in a statement made by Major General Qassim Soleimani during a ceremony honoring him by the Corps “Tharallah” in Kerman for his efforts and his efforts to contribute to liberate Syria and Iraq from the defamation of the organization calling for the terrorist.
The commander of the Quds Force said in his statement that the Revolutionary Guards are in the protection of the Islamic revolution. He said that the Revolutionary Guard is a companion to a personality. Just as he monitors the surrounding facilities carefully, deeply and carefully so as not to endanger the danger of that personality, the Revolutionary Guard also defends the personality of the revolution with awareness and insight .
He said he had witnessed the Revolutionary Guards’ sacrifices for 40 years. He added that the Revolutionary Guard was the pillar of the Islamic revolution, since the permanence of the revolution was related to its existence, but some sought to abolish it with empty pretexts and weak inferences.
Maj. Gen. Qassemi reviewed the fitna of the Zionist-Zionist in Iraq and Syria, saying that throughout the history of the region, there was no phenomenon of savagery, but al-Bari added from the heart of this matter a force to the capabilities of the Islamic revolution.
He pointed to the verse of the contemporary Iranian poet Barwin Izzami, saying, to trust the ability of the Almighty and not subject to the atmosphere raised.
Major General Qassim Soleimani has been in command of the Quds Force for 20 years and was commander of the Tharullah Corps in Kerman, where he took part in confronting the aggression of the former Iraqi regime against the Islamic Republic of Iran (1980-1988) and confronting gangs of bad guys and drug traffickers. South-east of the country.


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