Ansarallah Qaher-1 ballistic missiles from Yemen. (

The Russian representative at the UN opposes a new uproar against Iran, accused of violating the arms embargo against Ansarallah in Yemen.

Vassily Nebenzia opposed the new conspiracy by Western members of the Security Council against Iran accused of arming Yemeni forces and Ansarallah fighters from Yemen.

He warned on Wednesday (February 21st) the Security Council to approve a resolution that accuses Tehran of delivering short-range ballistic missiles and other military equipment to the Yemeni army.

Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia. © Al-Alam

In recent months, the US administration has been performing to persuade the Security Council to ratify a new anti-Iranian resolution. The 15 members of the Security Council are now considering this draft resolution prepared by the United Kingdom and supported by the United States and France.

“We do not like convictions at all,” said the Russian ambassador to the UN on Wednesday. “The resolution concerns Yemen, not Iran, it aims to renew the embargo on Yemen and the mission of the independent experts is to monitor compliance with the embargo,” he said Reuters quoted him as saying.

Russia threatens a veto resolution whose content is “unacceptable”, says another diplomat on condition of anonymity.


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