AlManar-Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary-general of the Hezbollah resistance movement, said Friday that the United States wants to start an oil and gas war in the region where Syria and Lebanon are located.

Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said during the commemoration of Hezbollah’s martyrdom leaders, “There is a battle for oil and for Washington-led gas from the east of the Euphrates through Iraq, Qatar and finally the Gulf, adding that “the only force the Lebanese people enjoy in this battle is the resistance that can destroy the Israeli oil rigs in a matter of hours if asked”.

He said “the entire region is at the heart of the battle for oil and gas,” noting that “Lebanon’s oil record is not a separate issue from the region as a whole”.

He also said that “the presence of the US occupation in Syria is motivated by the oil and gas wells located east of the Euphrates.”

In the same context, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah noted that “the Trump administration sees in Iraq only its oil and all its positions are motivated by purely oil ambitions”.

On the oil wealth of Lebanon, his eminence insisted that “this wealth belongs to all Lebanese (…) this wealth puts the country on the path of a promising economy.”

The Hezbollah Secretary General added that “the main conflict with the Israeli enemy is not linked to land borders, but maritime and this must be taken into account”.

He also stressed that “the Lebanese state must arm itself with its unity in defense of its oil wealth, this is the most important factor that guarantees victory in this battle”.

According to the Hezbollah Secretary General, “the Lebanese state must treat this issue in terms of strength and not weakness, knowing that the strength of Lebanon is its unity”.

Regarding Israeli security threats, his eminence said that “the assassination attempt against a Hamas cadre, which took place recently in Saida, was planned by Israel, according to the Lebanese security services. This is an attack on Lebanon and a clue that the Israeli enemy is planning other killings. ”

Regarding the destruction of the Israeli F-16 by the Syrian DCA, the Hezbollah Secretary-General described the operation as a “strategic military exploit because there is a before and after this operation”.

On the Palestinian issue, the Hezbollah Secretary-General has described the martyr Ahmed Jarrar and the girl Ahd Al-Tamimi as “glorious models of resisting Palestine that can be counted on in the next victory.”

Regarding the commemoration of the victory of the Islamic revolution, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah expressed “his pride for the Islamic Republic of Iran, which supports Arab causes and rights.”

On Bahrain, his eminence warned against “a demographic change that the regime practices in the image of the Zionist entity.”

Finally he concluded on the issue of Lebanese parliamentary elections, reiterating that “the electoral law is a political feat for Lebanon because it favors no force to the detriment of another. On the contrary, it respects the representativeness of each political force and therefore the electoral battle will not be a vertical battle opposing two blocs, but a battle between the various political forces of Lebanon.

Main points of the speech:

“We have preserved the will”: title of this ceremony of commemoration of our martyred leaders, knowing that we come out of a fierce war against the resistance .. yes, we preserved the testament coming out victorious from this fierce war .. and finally we declare to our martyred chiefs: to Sayyed Abbas Moussa, to his martyred wife and child, to Sheikh Gharb Harb, to our commander-in-chief Imad Moughnieh, that the resistance continues, with its strengthened capabilities, perseverance and an unwavering determination. You created this resistance with your jihad, your tears, your sacrifices and finally your martyrdom, and after you, with the blood of the martyrs, and also the blood that still flows in the veins of all the mujahideen of the resistance, and which are present on all fronts and waiting for the divine promise ..
On this blessed occasion, we commemorate our leaders, their logic, their way, their goals and their priorities. You are and you will remain the guides of our resistance, you have drawn the way that we still borrow …

The Zionist entity: oil and security threats

The record of the land and sea border, as well as the question of our oil and gas wealth, indicates that the entire region has entered a battle for oil and gas, and therefore, the oil record of Lebanon is not a separate issue from the fight against “Israel” ..
But it was the administration of Trump that sparked this battle, this arrogant administration that confessed, through the voice of its president, that it was voracious, greedy, insatiable petroleum ..

Today, Israeli reports confirm that there are huge quantities of oil in the Golan, also in the hamlets of Chebaa and Kafarchouba. In this context, the Zionist entity tries to take advantage of the presence of the Trump administration to annex the Golan.
Among the various reasons for the war in Syria, is that the latter is rich in oil both in the sea and on its territory. US reports confirm it ..
The US occupation persists in eastern Syria, its bases along the Iraqi-Syrian border, they protect what remains of Daesh ..
In the Pentagon budget between 500 and 700 million were spent in one year, not to spread democracy as they claim .. They used Daech as tools to get their projects through and today I warn the Kurds not to fall into the same trap ..
The US says they want to stay in their bases because the most important oil wells are east of the Euphrates. For Trump, Iraq is only oil, the US simply wants to grab the oil .. And Trump has repeated it many times: “oil, oil, oil”. Besides, does he fulfill his promises, did he not do it to Israel with alQods? He assured that he does not intend to repeat the mistakes of his predecessors ..

In this battle for oil, we must add other competitors, Turkey, Russia too .. And also the countries of the Gulf ..

In the oil battle in Lebanon against the Zionist entity, I confirm to the Lebanese that we are facing a real battle that should be treated with a new approach. Indeed, when Israel bombed southern Lebanon, some Lebanese felt that the battle against Israel is not about the people of the south. But today, it is the oil and gas wealth of Lebanon, all Lebanese. This oil, which is in the south, belongs to all Lebanese. This oil is a lifesaver for the Lebanese people because his country is over-indebted worse, he accumulates debts ..

This oil and gas wealth can boost the country’s economy. And so block 9 is not the battle of the Lebanese of the south only but of all the Lebanese.

Know that “Israel”, claiming to be entitled to part of block 9, seeks to win what is easiest so that Lebanon can then abandon what is more difficult to negotiate. He seeks to build a wall on the side of occupied Palestine he has not touched Lebanon at least not yet .. But his ambition is to build a wall on Lebanese territory, in border points of contention, gold, the top Lebanese national defense council warned Israel, threatening to take action ..

The Lebanese are united in this battle of maritime borders and its oil wealth, they are united to defend their rights, this unit is the most important factor to win this battle. Hence, the government must prevent the devils sabotage this unit, by devil I mean the USA ..

As far as we are concerned, the Islamic resistance has pledged not to interfere in the issues of delimitation of the maritime borders because, this question is the sovereign responsibility of the Lebanese State. Indeed, in Lan 2000, we declared that we respect any decision of the Lebanese State concerning the delimitation of the terrestrial borders.

Today, we reiterate this position .. all that the resistance has tried to do is to overcome the absence of the State to defend the Lebanese people from Israeli aggression. But, regarding the question of the delimitation of the maritime borders and the defense of the oil and gas wealth of Lebanon, it depends on the responsibility of the Lebanese State, and therefore, the officials and the government must assume their responsibilities in these questions. They must arm themselves with courage and deal with this issue from a position of strength, because we are strong, and no, from a position of weakness on the pretext that US or other pressures are too strong.

And so, if the US urges you to listen to Israel, you must respond to them repel Israel from Lebanon so that we will repel Hezbollah from Israel. For he knows that the only force Lebanon has to face this battle is resistance, in addition to the resistance-army-people equation. For the Lebanese army does not have the right to arm itself with surface-to-air or ground-sea or ground-to-ground missiles. Knowing that the Lebanese army has very competent officers and commanders.

We hope that the Lebanese State will defend its position and rights with power and determination, dare to let the enemy test us .. and the Lebanese High National Defense Committee decides that the oil wells in occupied Palestine must stop working, I promise you that they will stop working in a few hours ..

The current mediator, in this case the US, is a dishonest mediator, who can not be trusted, especially since he is the mediator between Lebanon and his protégé Israel. Listen to the Palestinians how they complained about the US denouncing them as dishonest in the peace talks with Israel.

It must be known that Tillerson came to Lebanon, not to hear the Lebanese position but to defend the interests of “Israel”, the US wants to get our oil wealth for the interest of the Israelis.

And so, Tillerson came to Lebanon to dictate to Lebanon what he should do and not to play his role of mediator, he came to deliver messages, is this the mediation ??

Another question concerning Israel, security. Yes, we must remain alert and cautious, before I referred to Israeli security operations against Lebanon when I referred to the assassination attempt against a Hamas cadre in Saida, southern Lebanon. The Lebanese security and intelligence services have confirmed in their reports that “Israel” is responsible for this assassination attempt against a Hamas cadre.

This assassination attempt is an aggression against the security of Lebanon, against the territorial sovereignty of Lebanon, against the Lebanese. This is a serious indication of Israel’s intentions to commit assassinations in Lebanon, and some of the detainees that Lebanese intelligence caught while trying to flee to Turkey have confessed to such killings. Israeli intentions against Lebanon.

In recent times, Israeli violations of the Lebanese sky have intensified, at the moment when Lebanon is talking about Lebanon’s maritime and land sovereignty, but why not do the same with the sovereignty of our skies?

For example, Syria defended its skies last week when its DCA destroyed an F-16, this event is extremely important and strategic, because now Israel does not have the monopoly of the air in Syria. And so this event will take on significant proportions within the Israeli Air Force.
But again, know that only the Syrian leadership has made the decision to shoot down any Israeli aircraft flying over its territory.

As such, in recent years we have heard all kinds of claims and allegations concerning the Syrian crisis. Thus, with each military exploit, one invokes Iran, either Russia or Hezbollah. Know that in this event, it was President Bashar al-Assad who gave the order to shoot down the Israeli fighter .. and it was his soldiers, his officers, his army who executed his order and who shot the fighter Israeli, and not, as some say it is the Iranians or the Russians or the Hezbollah fighters, this kind of talk is an insult to the Syrian army because it has shown courage, daring and professionalism, We must recognize, I know what I am talking about since we have rubbed shoulders with his soldiers and his officers and his generals, who enjoy a knowledge, a knowledge and a military experience …

In short, let’s go back to Lebanon: what to face Israeli violations of our skies?

The pentagon has asked Israel for $ 3 billion, while the Lebanese army receives up to US $ 100 million. Israel is offered the best hunters while Lebanon has not not have the right to own a DCA to defend his sky ?! Today, no one talks in Lebanon or doubts that “Israel” is the enemy. Nobody denies the Israeli threats.

This does not mean that an Israeli war awaits us tomorrow, I repeat, the war has its complex calculations, but what prevents Israel from starting a war against Lebanon is that it can not guarantee victory.

In spite of all that, the Palestinian people continue their struggle, their Intifada, it is unanimous to reject the decision of Trump. Three Palestinian models that reinforce the hope: the martyr Ahmad Jarrar, the only man who faced the security services, intelligence and the army, the girl Ahd Tamimi, who slapped the soldiers, who stands, proud, smiling, at each of her trials, her father and mother support her and encourage her to hold on, and finally the detainee Omar alAbd who was sentenced four times yesterday for life: he remained smiling, provoking anger from Lieberman.

Iran: A word about the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, the revolution that overthrew a despotic regime, and after 39 years since its advent, the Iranian people renew their loyalty to their revolution and to the supreme leader of the Islamic revolution. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Proof in support, millionaire events ..

Opposite, the US claims to offer us help to prevent Iranian interference in Lebanon, give me one example, one of this so-called interference? One example where Iran has favored its interests over Lebanon?

I say it loud and clear: we, Hezbollah, are proud of our relationship and alliance with Iran. We are proud of this strategic, ideological, doctrinal relationship, no matter the term. Never has Iran interfered in any election, while the US does, or have made conditions for the appointment of prime minister, while other states have not hesitated to sequester him.

Give me a single example where Iran has decided on behalf of Hezbollah, or Hezbollah has served Iran’s interests to the detriment of Lebanon, just give me one !!!

Iran has offered free help for electricity and water for the Lebanese army, but the Lebanese government has refused for political reasons.

Bahrain: The revolution in Bahrain is a revolution that continues, protests continue to mark the 7th anniversary of the uprising of 2011, despite the persecution of religious leaders, opposition activists, the seat imposed on the dignitary religious Sheikh Qassem, stripped of his nationality. As such, the Bahrain regime is arguably the only country in the world that punishes protesters by removing their nationality. This is a dangerous project that involves changing the demography of the country, because, in return, the regime offers nationality to anyone, to Pakistanis who do not even know the Arabic language or a few words. This regime declines its people from its nationality even though it is not even native to this country.

We support the Bahraini people, at least verbally because that’s all we can do.

In Yemen it is appropriate to denounce, faced with the morbid silence of the international community, the massacre, the famine, the disease that endures this people, we are the only Arab voice that denounces the suffering of this people and we try to smother it for that, we threaten Lebanon.


Lebanon is preparing for historic legislative elections, as the electoral law is a political feat in itself. This law of proportionality allows each political force in the country to be represented according to its true proportion.

This law is not the same as that of Hezbollah, we have participated in its elaboration. Finally, this law has been accepted by the various political forces and therefore this law is a political pride ..

One of its direct consequences is that it prevents the tsunami effect of some parties and therefore, the electoral battle will not be vertical, opposing two big blocks around which gravitate the other parties, on the contrary, each party will propose its own list even he will define his own alliances, which may differ from one constituency to another.

In other words, political forces will have the freedom to choose their alliances.

Among these political forces, two are already on their respective alliance, Amal and Hezbollah, we are allies everywhere.

That said, we want Hezbollah to try to dominate the parliament, these voices beg the gulf countries to help them financially if Hezbollah could dominate .. all this is false ..

And I warn those who will claim, after the elections, that they have defeated Hezbollah or prevented it from dominating, this kind of speech is illogical because the electoral law does not allow it simply ..

As for our alliances with the other political forces, there are no alliances with the Lebanese Forces (Editor’s note: Samir Geagea) since nothing brings us together. As for the current alMoustakbal (Editor’s note: Saad Hariri), and well, at every election he keeps repeating that he does not want an alliance with Hezbollah, but damn it, who told him we want an alliance with him ??

With the CPL (note: that of President Aoun) the relationship is strategic and stable and strong, despite positions sometimes offensive.

Finally, all Lebanese must understand that no political force or political party can prevail or dominate in Lebanon because of the structure of the country.

Source: AlManar


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