Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (D) and his Spanish counterpart Alfonso Dastis on February 21 in Tehran. © Tasnim

The Spanish Foreign Minister was received on Wednesday, February 21, by his Iranian counterpart.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has met with his Spanish counterpart, Alfonso Dastis, who has been visiting Tehran since last night.

The two ministers welcomed the long-standing relations between Iran and Spain, while calling for the expansion of these relations in all areas.

A meeting between the Iranian and Spanish Foreign Ministers in the presence of other officials from both countries, February 21, 2018. © Tasnim

Alfonso Dastis was pleased with his first visit to Iran, hoping that the diplomatic ballets between Iranian and Spanish officials would continue at a good pace.

“Spain, as a member of the European Union, remains committed to honoring the content of the nuclear agreement,” added Dastis.

The Iranian and Spanish Foreign Ministers discussed a range of topics, including tourism, the environment, energy, advanced technologies, transportation and interuniversity cooperation.

The Iranian and Spanish Foreign Ministers signed a series of cooperation agreements on 21 February 2018. © Tasnim

The most recent developments in the Middle East have also been on the menu of talks between the two senior diplomats.

Messrs. Zarif and Dastis signed a series of agreements and memoranda of understanding, anticipating the expansion of bilateral relations between Tehran and Madrid.

A contract for the development of railway cooperation between Italy and Spain has also been signed between the railways of both countries.


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