Egypt will soon become a gateway for the export of Israeli gas to Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia.

The daily Rai al-Youm reported on Egypt’s recent gas agreement with Israel, adding that the deal would allow Israel to export gas to Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia.

“When Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu called a” historic day “the day Israel and Egypt sealed a gas agreement, it meant that the normalization of economic relations between Israel and the Arab countries had taken on a new dimension . Will Egypt turn into a gateway for Israel’s gas exports to Saudi Arabia? Those who saw the signs of a deep joy on Netanyahu’s face, when he announced the signing of a gas contract with Egypt, are well aware that this $ 15 billion deal is important. especially for Israel. This document allows Israel to export 64 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Egypt, which is a major Arab country. The special importance of this agreement was well captured by the Israeli Prime Minister. In reality, Netanyahu did not exaggerate by calling it a “historic day” on the day of the contract, because this event will allow Tel Aviv to pocket billions of dollars, especially since this agreement is of a nature rather than economic and will largely provide the ground for normalization between Israel and Egypt.

In addition, the agreement will serve as a gateway through which Israeli gas will be sold not only to Egypt, but in addition to other Arab countries, including and especially Saudi Arabia. The proof: no details have been made public.

It remains to be seen why Egypt needs to import gas even though it itself has rich hydrocarbon deposits.

In Egypt, the Nile Delta is home to several large gas fields. In 2015, a gas field was discovered in this region by the Italian energy group ENI, which announced at that time that the extraction of gas from this deposit could reach a billion cubic meters at the end. month of June. The only gas fields in the delta allow Egypt to meet its domestic needs and it could buy gas in Cyprus, Algeria, Greece, Iran and Libya, if necessary. Since the Egyptian authorities are still trying to make the most of gas purchase agreements, it would be in their interest to buy gas from Arab-Muslim countries that are able to sell their gas at a price. more affordable.

Indeed, the agreement between Israel and Egypt is not only for the sale of Israeli gas in Cairo, but will help Israel to sell its natural gas to several countries, because Tel Aviv faces several economic problems and policies that prevent it from exporting its gas to Europe. It would take at least eight years and seven billion dollars to build a gas pipeline network to transfer Israeli gas to Europe when this transfer could easily take place for half a billion dollars, thanks to a portal that call Egypt. That said, it is very likely that Egypt will sell Israeli gas to other countries, including, above all, Saudi Arabia. In this regard, the Egyptian government preferred to remain silent, saying it was unable to comment on private sector agreements.

But the Egyptian group Delphinus could not sign such a mega-contract with Israel without the green light of Cairo. ”

“It seemed unimaginable that countries like Jordan and Egypt, which once were fierce critics of Israel, would one day buy gas stolen from Palestinians by the Israelis, thus paying billions of dollars to Tel Aviv, dollars that could be used to arm the Israeli military at the expense of Arab-Islamic countries, “Rai al-Youm concluded.


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