An armored division of the Iraqi army was dispatched to Basra to end clashes between Iraqi tribes. © Reuters

A source close to the headquarters of the Basra operation reported the launch of the first phase of the security operation in the Iraqi province on Wednesday morning, 21 February, under the decree of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

“Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of Iraqi Joint Force Hyder al-Abadi on Wednesday morning instructed the security forces in Basra to kick off the first phase of the security operation in Basra. province in south-eastern Iraq, “Baghdad al-Youm said, citing a source linked to the Iraqi forces headquarters in Basra.

The Iraqi source, on condition of anonymity, added that the search and stalking operation had begun from the al-Qibla area in the heart of Basra to arrest those accused of armed clashes and smuggling. and drug trafficking and looters of state property. According to the same source, the names of known personalities are on the list of people wanted by the army.

Al-Abadi also asked the security forces to arrest anyone who would resist the law. The security operation in Basra began today, while the return of complete stability in the province will be achieved in several stages.

Earlier, al-Abadi paid tribute to the Iraqi armed forces for the indisputable victory over Daesh terrorists all over Iraq, warning against the post-Daesh era.

Qassem al-Araji, Iraqi Minister of the Interior said that security operations continued successfully thanks to the Iraqi people, the security forces, supported of course by the intelligence services of Iraq.



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